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Tax Fraud & Evasion Defense in U. S. Tax Court

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Saturday | September 24 | 2022

3 P.M. - 6 P.M. EST


Former United States Tax Court Special Trial Judge
Member of the Bar United States Tax Court

Professor of Law | Distinguished Judicial Speaker | Tax Law Institute | Fmr. Litigator Office of Chief Counsel | Admitted to Practice Supreme Court of the United States


Former United States Tax Court Judicial Law Clerk
Member of the Bar United States Tax Court

Professor of Law | Distinguished Author | Tax Law Institute | Fmr. IRS Litigator Office of Chief Counsel | Admitted to Practice State of Indiana



Guest Speaker

Professor Eugene Smith C.P.A. Ph.D. Ms. Taxation
IRS Special Enrolled Agent
Forensic Accountant
Anti-Money Laundering Expert

Visiting Professor of Federal Taxation | Tax Law Institute | Currency & Foreign Transactions Scholar | Fmr. Special Agent | U.S. Treasury Department  | Fmr. IRS Revenue Agent 

Course Description

Whether you are defending a client on tax fraud charges or advising a client on exposure to tax fraud, this remote course presented by the Tax Law Institute has the answers and advice you will need. Our Tax Fraud & Evasion course discloses what factors the government will consider; the procedures and polices the government adopts to investigate and prosecute; and when the IRS will impose the civil fraud penalty.

This indispensable remote course explains to you:

  • What IRS special agents do
  • How does the U.S. Tax Court handle cases where allegations of fraud are cited by the IRS
  • What investigative techniques the IRS Criminal Investigation Division uses
  • How the IRS uses the Federal Grand Jury to investigate cases
  • What basic defense strategies and techniques to consider during an IRS criminal investigation
  • How you should try your client's civil fraud case in the U.S. Tax Court
  • How the civil fraud penalty is applied in situations involving corporations and other entities


Includes Treatise on Tax Fraud & Evasion

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Please take note...
Pictured here is Alphonse Gabriel Capone

Occasionally, we like to remind taxpayers that it was the U.S. Treasury Department Internal Revenue Service that finally prosecuted and imprisoned noted Chicago gangster-kingpin, Alphonse Gabriel Capone - for tax evasion, no doubt. Without embellishment, it was the greatest single act of law enforcement since the creation of the income tax. Since the beginning of the new millennium, government prosecutions of those who commit tax fraud have been overwhelmingly successful. But as we all know today's IRS just doesn't have the manpower or budgetary resources to go after everyone who cheats - but that could soon change.

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