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Our history in U.S. Tax Court litigation and settlement dates back to 1986. Our Staff is composed of a former U.S. Tax Court Special Trial Judge, U.S. Tax Court Practitoners and CPAs, Professors of Law and Federal Tax and Evidence Scholars, former U.S. Treasury Department Special Agents, and former IRS Revenue Agents

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United States Tax Court Defined

The United States Tax Court is a specialty court that exclusively hears tax law cases. The US Tax Court hears tax deficiency cases - cases in which the IRS asserts that the taxpayer has underpaid his or her tax liability. Prepayment of the proposed tax deficiency is not a prerequisite to litigating in Tax Court.

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U.S. Tax Court Trial Practice
Certified US Tax Court Litigators

  • Our practice criteria is limited to the IRS and US Tax Court
  • We practice anywhere in the United States or its territories, or wherever the US Tax Court holds session
  • Where practicable, we recommend Settlement as the cost-effective resolution.
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Support Service for Attorneys, Non-attorney Practitioners & CPAs

  • Deficiency Notice
    • IRS Statutory Notice of Determination of Tax Liability
    • IRS Statutory Notice of Determination of Deficiency

  • Petition for Redetermination
    • Answer/Reply

  • Pleadings
    • Closings
    • Joinder of Issues

  • Branerton Conference
    • Stipulation
    • Settlement
    • Judgment without Trial
    • Summary/Partial Summary Judgment

  • Evidence Collection & Analysis
    • Forensic Accounting
    • Motions
    • Hearings
    • Trial Stipulations

  • Limited Discovery
    • Pretrial Conferences
    • Standing Orders
    • Large Case and Expedited Case Joint Motions
    • Judicial Interpretations
    • Precedent Case Research (13 Federal Circuits)

  • Pretrial Procedural & Evidentiary Motion
    • Settlement Procedures
    • Trial Subpoenas

  • Trial Procedures
    • Special Proceedings

  • Post-Trial Proceedings
    • Refund Claims

  • Appellate Review

  • Document Preparation
    • Drafting & Writing
    • Case Preparation
    • Evidence Collection
      • Petitions
      • Appeal Review
      • Interlocutory Appeals
      • Memoranda
      • Post-Trial Briefs
      • Case Briefs
      • Protective Orders
      • Discovery Motions
      • Evidentially Depositions
      • Branerton Stipulations
      • Replies
  • Hourly service rates start at $395
  • Call us in confidence to discuss your case, 1.800.513.1598.

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