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U.S. Tax Court
United States Tax Court Advisory


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United States Tax Court


Providing Litigation Support and Judicial Advisory for U.S. Tax Court Cases,
Practice and Procedural Rules, and Tax Evidentiary Analyses
for Attorney and Non-Attorney Federally Authorized Tax Practitioners
Engaged in IRS Docketed Appeals and
U.S. Tax Court Litigation, Fraud Defense, and Settlements


United States Tax Court

The United States Tax Court is a specialty court that exclusively hears tax law cases. The U.S. Tax Court hears tax deficiency cases - cases in which the IRS asserts that the taxpayer has underpaid his or her tax liability. Prepayment of the proposed tax deficiency is not a prerequisite to litigating in Tax Court.


United States Tax Court
Our Experience

Our history in U.S. Tax Court litigation, fraud defense, and settlement dates back to 1986. Our Staff is composed of a former U.S. Tax Court Special Trial Judge, former U.S. Tax Court judicial clerk, Law Professors (includes Federal tax litigation specialist, Federal tax evidence scholar and noted author, and CPA-Ph.D specialist in bank secrecy provisions and anti-money laundering), CPA Members of the U.S. Tax Court Bar and Certified U.S. Tax Court Litigators, Federal Tax Trial Attorneys, former U.S. Treasury Department special agent and former IRS Revenue Agents, Certified Master Tax Strategist and Certified U.S. Tax Court Pre-trial Litigation Specialist.


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